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Corporate Branding Explainer Videos and Marketing Commercials

We have developed a production process that creates high-end, dynamically charged commercials without the typical high-end production costs. Saving you thousands. Use them for website content, social media posts, and internal messaging.

Simply choose from our portfolio of corporate branding explainer videos and marketing commercials and Vision Quest Productions will transform it into your customized marketing masterpiece.

Here’s what you get for only $695.00:



Up to 1 minute. Based on your choice from our video portfolio.



Your existing live-action footage or photographic archive. Corporate logo inclusion. (Logo provided by client.) Logo customization services, voice-over, and 3D logo animation are available at additional cost.


Scene selection:

Based on the marketing commercial selected, you will recommend the categories of shots required in your story. We will then research from your archive the perfect scenes that match your categories and include those in your commercial.  A totally customized solution! 


Music score:

Your choice from our licensed music library.



High definition, 1920x1080 resolution universal digital video format. Delivered via internet download.

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