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Vision Quest Productions is a full-service visual content creation firm, providing conceptual design and preproduction through production, postproduction and distribution. We create documentaries, biographies, corporate communications videos, explainer videos, entertainment news, interviews, B-roll, 30-second commercials, motion graphics, and a wide range of other visual solutions.

Richard Lesser

Richard Lesser, Founder & Producer – With Richard’s unlimited creativity and expertise, you are in the expert hands of a true visionary, who achieves artistic expression and polished professionalism in every production.

Richard has over 30 years of experience in videography, having worked on video projects as diverse as interviewing President Clinton to producing music videos. From conceptualizing, directing, producing, and editing, to interviewing and marketing, Richard's skills in the field are both broad and deep.

A technical as well as artistic wizard, Richard won tremendous accolades from the Film & Video Industry when he and his partner invented the RoboEFX® Motion Control Workstation. He has received praiseworthy notice from the L.A. Times and numerous industry periodicals. In addition to his long list of credits, Richard offers instructional courses on video technique, and has lectured at Johns Hopkins, CNN, and several branches of government. Hobbies include ocean kayaking and all things computer.

Karen Lesser, Client & Public Relations – An expert in sales, marketing, client relations, and finance with over 25 years of experience, Karen personally guides each StoryTellers Pro-client relationship.

Karen joined her husband at Vision Quest over 25 years ago. She previously worked for Hilton Corp., where she was a top Director of National Sales and was awarded the prestigious Barron Hilton’s Excellence in Sales Award. She’s also had the pleasure of working with Fortune 500 companies and national advertising agencies. Her innate people skills, as well as her experience as both a customer and a vendor, make Karen particularly adept at creating positive working relationships. Always a step ahead, Karen is also a whiz at scriptwriting and landing the perfect sound bite, whether from Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, James Cameron, or Buzz Aldrin.

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