Impress Minds, Impact Emotions

Vision Quest Productions understands that you have one opportunity to make an impression and an impact on your audience – and we accomplish that.


Vision Quest Productions creates beautiful, innovative, visionary, and technologically advanced productions that cut through the clutter and deliver lasting impact.

HCI Hotel Properties Commercial

Hotels Consortium International

Corporate Branded marketing Commercial

Running Time: 1:24 Minutes

A fun, fast-paced look at some of the unrivaled world-class hotels in the HCI brand portfolio.



Corporate Branded Marketing Commercials

Running Time: 46 Seconds

RIPPIN' H2O is a new progressive surf brand with a keen sensibility for design and engineering.  Witness the "Extreme Power of Design ®."

Allieridge Estate Vineyards & Winery Commercial

Allieridge Estate

Corporate branded marketing commercials

Running Time: 1 Minute

Allieridge Estate is a Napa Valley vineyard and winery. It's diverse soil and microclimates produce beautifully expressed varietals and vintages.

Bonei Olam Genetics Project

Bonei Olam


Running Time: 5:57

Bonei Olam's genetics program, project GENE-ARATIONS is a cutting edge, technology driven project that uses its genetics expertise to help families with undiagnosed rare diseases who are looking for ways to have healthy babies or to improve their own health.

The Soul of the House



Running Time: 8:12

This documentary depicts the architecture, construction and interior design of today's modern mansions. The homeowners warmly reflect and discuss their experience of such an undertaking and the meaning of their accomplishment.

Jacqueline Goldman Biography



Running Time: 5:33

For over 73 years Jacqueline Goldman's involvement with Magen David Adom promoted their righteous causes to further the protection of the Israeli people through the protection of the nation's blood supply.

Jacqueline's riveting biography takes us on a journey learning about her roots and character. 

Toras Emes Academy/Menlo Documentary

Toras Emes Academy


Running time: 8:00

Celebrate the legacy of Mr. Sam Menlo through his devotion to building Jewish educational institutions and enabling Toras Emes Academy to become the outstanding makom torah it is today. Toras Emes is an integral part of the community, providing an outstanding Jewish education steeped in Torah values and academic excellence.

Harkham Hillel Gala Highlights Reel

Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy


Running time 3:00

Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy's 71st annual fundraising  Gala. Held 1000 feet above the city of Los Angeles at the incredible OUE SkySpace. A fun, exciting, venue and program to help raise scholarship funds for the academy.

Valley Torah Menlo Sefer Torah Campaign

Valley Torah High School


Running Time: 3:00

Invest in eternity. The Menlo family Sefer Torah campaign is a fundraising effort of Valley Torah High School commemorating the legacy of Mr. Sam Menlo and his lifelong efforts of perpetuating Jewish education across the world.

Richard Sandler Documentary

Aish LA


Running Time 6:15

Richard Sandler is executive vice president, secretary and a trustee of the Milken Family Foundation.

Richard chairs the board of trustees of The Jewish Federations of North America and is the former chair of The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles. He serves on a number of nonprofit boards, including the American Jewish University, Milken Community High School and the University of California at Berkeley Foundation.

This biography will provide a glimpse into the productive life of this diverse individual.

Rabbi David Wolpe Documentary

Sinai Temple


Running Time 7:10

A fun and informative journey into the life of Rabbi David Wolpe. Produced for the 2018 Sinai Temple Gala. This video celebrates the 20 years of leadership that Rabbi Wolpe has provided and the Sinai Temple community that he has helped to build.

Lainer School- Elaine & Gerald Wolpe Parenting Center

Sinai Temple


Running Time 2:33

Alice and Nahum Lainer School's Parenting Center has a BRAND NEW space that provides a nurturing, inclusive environment for parents and their children, ages birth-to-24-months. Together, we will explore the wonders of your developing child and discuss the joys and challenges of parenting.

ETTA LA Gala Highlights Reel

ETTA Los Angeles


Running Time: 2:00

ETTA serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families, and is one of the premier providers of such services on the West Coast. Watch the exciting highlights from the 2017 gala at the famed Beverly Hilton International ballroom.

SAA MRI Workshop in Spondyloarthritis

The Spondylitis Association of America


Running Time: 5:00

The Spondylitis Association of America held a state-of-the-art workshop for rheumatologists and radiologists called, "Magnetic Imaging Workshop in Spondyloarthritis (SpA)." The purpose of this certified continuing medical education program was to educate radiologists and rheumatologists in spondyloarthritis imaging and to promote earlier diagnosis in SpA.


Hear from top specialists in their field and comments from it's attendees in this short documentary.

Beverly Wilshire

Beverly Wilshire


Running Time: 3:46

Welcome to Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills (A Four Seasons Hotel), a history-rich luxury hotel in the heart of Beverly Hills, California, just steps from Rodeo Drive. Enjoy this visual tour and learn more about the property and it's rich history.

Stanley Black…An All American Guy

Yeshiva Gedolah


Running Time: 10:00

Beverly Hills real estate magnate, humanitarian and philanthropist Stanley Black, a native of Los Angeles, has managed to combine a dynamic business life with a whole host of charitable endeavors – and to prosper for more than a half-century. This biography provides early life insights that many people don't know. 

Nurses of the Grossman Burn Center

Circle of Care Foundation


Running Time: 3:45

Hear Dr. A. Richard Grossman and Dr. Peter Grossman speak passionately about their devoted nursing staff.

The many pioneering innovative techniques developed by founder

Dr. A. Richard Grossman are now standard practice in the treatment of many burns. The Grossman Burn Center is further distinguished

by the compassionate, nurturing, personalized and team-centered ways they provide treatment, which their experience has shown result in less patient discomfort and speedier recoveries with better results.

The Journey of Sol Teichman

Kollel Merkaz Hatorah - Beverly Hills


Running Time: 10:00

From Munkacs to Los Angeles...The Journey of the Teichman family

is a biography that depicts a story of survival and triumph, life, charity and Torah values.

Max Webb…A Man from the Ashes

Yeshiva Gedolah


Running Time: 10:00

This biography depicts the extraordinary life of Max Webb. From his early days of growing up in Lodz Poland to surviving a multitude of german work and death camps during the holocaust. Max makes his way to America and grows a construction empire with his brother in-law and life long friend, Nathan Shapell.

Church..Songs of Soul & Inspiration

Disc Marketing


Running Time: 6:16

Church...Songs of Soul and Inspiration is a short form documentary that includes a foreword by Maya Angelou and the talents of Dionne Warwick, Patty Labelle, Chaka Khan, Stephanie Mills and others. Vision Quest's project goal was to create a compelling, insider's look into the gospel singing roots of some of the world's most famous Divas.


Debuted to a worldwide audience, through the inclusion on a multi-media music and video cd created by Disc Marketing of Pasadena. Truly an exciting bonus to any music lover's library.

Hilton Annual Enrollment

Hilton Corporation

Corporate Communications

Running Time: 4:00 min

Ten brands, more than 3,750 hotels, and 130,000 team members across 84 countries, makes Hilton the world's leading hospitality company. StoryTellers Pro's project goal was to create a stylized, graphically rich, promotional short, documenting the features of the worldwide health benefits plan.


Debuted to over 130,000 team members at 3,750 hotels. Screenings took place at HR ( Human Resources ) roll-out meetings.

Ocean Pacific Surf Wear

Ocean Pacific


Running Time: 2:39

Ocean Pacific is a cutting edge surf and skate apparel company. Vision Quest's project goal was to create a corporate promotional short, documenting the CEO's marketing philosophy and the relationships formed with cutting edge media outlets like Surfing Magazine and Peter "PT" Townend, a world famous surfing champion.


Debuted to over 1200 audience members at Ocean Pacific's annual marketing convention. Re-purposing for the client's website has achieved a marketing message to a worldwide audience.

Dr. Bill Dorfman Biography

Magen David Adom


Running Time: 3:16

Dr. Bill Dorfman, affectionately known as “America’s Dentist,” Dr. Bill is widely recognized world wide as a leading dentist who is responsible for creating smiles for many of Hollywood’s brightest stars.This innovative and accomplished doctor is also renowned in his field as an energy-brimming inventor and brilliant entrepreneur who has brought award-winning innovations to the world of dentistry.


In this short biography Dr. Bill talks about his youth, values, and affiliation with a life saving organization, Magen David Adom.

David Wiener Biography

Magen David Adom


Running Time: 3:38

David Wiener has been a real estate investor since the 1960s. Mr. Wiener has developed in excess of 1,000,000 square feet of shopping centers and multi-family projects.  In this short biography, Mr. Wiener discusses his memories and experiences as a survivor of the holocaust, his values and affiliation with a life saving organization, Magen David Adom.

Dreams On Canvas Fundraiser

Circle of Care Foundation


Running Time: 4:49

The Circle of Care Foundation's Dreams on Canvas fundraiser helps raise funds to provide vital support for burn survivors and their families, family caregivers and the loved ones they are caring for who have a memory disorder or other chronic illness.

The fundraiser is an extraordinary event filled with tasty food, fine art and celebrity appearances.

Soul Search Dating Program

Aish Los Angeles


Running Time: 4:18

To educate, mentor and engage is the purpose of Aish Los Angeles's Soul Search dating program. Today's dating scene can be tough to navigate and Soul Search gives you the tools to succeed.

The Mayers…A Very Special Family


Running Time: 7:10 min

This documentary depicts the Mayer family and it's association with the ETTA OHEL organization. Most importantly it shows a young man's inclusion in the community and independence in life.

From Generation to Generation

Hatzolah of Los Angeles


Running Time: 2:45 min

This heartwarming video portrays the feelings of a loving grandfather for his grandson who volunteers for Hatzolah.


Hatzolah of Los Angeles provides trained volunteers capable of responding to all Medical emergency situations in the communities they serve, with the training, skills and equipment necessary to provide competent emergency medical care.


Jewish Women's Initiative

Aish Los Angeles


Running Time: 4:12

Aish LA's Jewish Women's Initiative Program. Empowering Jewish women to communicate the beauty, joy and relevance of Judaism in their homes and communities. They believe in the power of the Jewish woman to inspire, transform and elevate our world.

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